Airwheel C8 Racing Helmet: Let's Stay Connected. Stand Out and Be Safe

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Abstract: Gone are the days when a cycling helmet's sole purpose was to protect your skull. Technology seems to be embedded into everything these days, and now we introduce this intelligent helmet, which even includes what we put on our heads when we ride our bikes.



Airwheel has just engineered the smart helmet C8 to provide bike riders a safer, more joyful experience by the combination of utility and beauty featuring tail caution light, 2K HD camera, Bluetooth connection, integrated music player all in one sleek, beautiful design. Now you can look cool, and ride safe too. Enjoying all of this while ensuring high build quality and security patterns.


Airwheel C8 racing helmet


Made of ABS sheer material, this smart helmet features excellent impact resistance which will not fall off rapidly even in low temperature.


smart motorcycle helmet

Bike helmets have long proven their worth by helping to prevent head injuries. It shouldn't be difficult to take care of your basic safety as a cyclist. However, drivers are often frustrated at the obstacle in both seeing and predicting cyclist in front of them, which can leave riders in great danger.

Airwheel C8 full face helmet, featuring integrated tail caution lights, is good at solving this issue. The light will make it for you to stand out and be seen easily. The earlier others see you, the further danger is away from you.


Airwheel C8 smart helmet


Thanks to C8 Bluetooth helmet, you can get intelligent audio, hands-free calling, and music streaming via Bluetooth to a cell phone. With Bluetooth Speaker, you can answer or make phone calls when it is necessary via just one key without worrying people may not be able to reach you. At the same time, there is no need to worry about the safety. You can keep in touch with the surrounding and at the same time enjoy your 'me time'.


Airwheel C8 rideo

Want to travel alone while recording everything and make your journey memorable? With a 2K HD helmet camera, the 128 GB internal memory of storage makes it capable of recording and saving an HD video of up to 4 hours. You can review your journey or share your story.


Smart helmet Airwheel C8


Several styles of cool intelligent helmets are available now. Stand out and be safe for your next journey. Let us keep in touch!

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