Airwheel H3 Lightweight Folding Wheelchair Shows Free And Comfortable Riding Style

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Abstract: As more people pay attention to life quality, they have changed requirements when it comes to daily travel. For the physically inconvenienced people, they are longing for a transport llowing them enjoy a free and convenient trip. Now, the Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair comes.

Now, riders requires a transport that offers high safety, comfortable riding experience and environmental protection, which is why intelligent electric scooters are so popular. How about the old and the people with mobility problem? Airwheel H3 foldable electric wheelchair is a typical example, a free, safe and convenient trip mode for them.


Airwheel H3 smart wheelchair


In addition, Airwheel H3 is driven by lithium-ion battery and thus it is also environmental-friendly. Nowadays, a lot of automobile exhausts are discharged in the air, which directly harm people's health. Meanwhile, the serious traffic jam in rush hours makes too many people crazy. Many people say that they almost forget how to enjoy life. In order to solve these social problems, H3 automatic Electric Wheelchairs as well as other electric scooters have done great job. The collapsible Airwheel H3 is made of aluminum alloy and is powered by emission-free lithium-ion battery. More importantly, it gives people two riding modes either powered by electricity or processed by man labor and comfortable riding experience. Since it came into being, its popularity is soaring among people who have difficulty in walking.


H3 Folding Electric Wheelchair


H3 motorized wheelchair applies daily life. In the early morning, many elder people ride it to park and take morning exercise, while white-collars and students ride it to go to work and to school. After supper, many people ride it to walk their dogs on road. That is really an alive and busy picture, and people become happier.


Airwheel H3


Besides, small and foldable figure of Airwheel H3 is the most obvious difference when compared with others. With the automatic folding system, it can be folded by pushing on button making it convenient to store. Its performance, riding experience and range never loses out to others at all. It can weave through a narrow corridor freely and it often appears on many different occasions, such as street, park or even office. Small and exquisite transport is a new travel concept in modern times.

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