A New Era Of Smart Electric Wheelchair Set By Airwheel H3

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Abstract: In June 2017, Airwheel held a breath-taking new product release conference and published H3 foldable electric wheelchair and it became the focus when it came into view of people. It was born to break the silence of wheelchair market.

The moment Airwheel H3 was rolled out it immediately became the focus, which was born to break the silence of wheelchair market. A series of breakthroughs has been applied to H3 electric wheelchairs and it will open a new era of electric wheelchairs. Its comfortable saddle is designed under the ergonomic principle, offering more comfortable ride than others do.


Airwheel H3


One of the most outstanding highlights of Airwheel H3 portable electric wheelchair is the automatic folding system. As we know, some wheelchairs can be folded for convenient storage. However, Airwheel team makes the folding process much simpler, just pushing one button to fold and unfold it automatically.


Airwheel H3 wheelchair smart


H3 is equipped with intelligent handlebar controller with many different buttons and different functions. Rider can sit on the saddle and push the handlebar controller to go. People can accelerate and decelerate by pushing the controller forward and backward. To brake, you can release the controller, which is super easy to control. Also, if you go backward, H3 will give riders reminder if there are obstacles to ensure the safety of rider and others. Long-time riding will never make riders fatigued because of relaxing sitting-posture mode. Riding Airwheel H3 handle controlled electric wheelchair is not only comfortable even in a long journey, but also easy thanks to the handlebar controller and four customized wheels.


wheelchair Airwheel H3


Airwheel H3 adopts the Lithium 24V 18AH battery, which paves the way for big power storage capability as well as a long range. Long-distance travel within city becomes possible. H3 is reputed as the most convenient, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly transport for the senior citizens currently, which will lead the future personal transport for the old market. Another innovation of Airwheel H3 lightweight folding wheelchair is the shock mitigation system, which brings agile response and stable operation realizing a smooth riding even on meandering and bumpy roads. Overall, a new era of power wheelchair is set by Airwheel H3.

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