To Enjoy Your New Semester with Airwheel R Series Electric Assist Bikes

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Abstract: Now, it's the middle of summer vacation. Sep. is a special month for all students, especially the graduates because it is the beginning of a new school year. Whether you're going to study in high school or universities, a handy transport will make your school life efficient and interesting, say the Airwheel electric assist bikes.   

September is drawing close, which means you begin a new journey or enters to the next stage of your life. Students will have new books, new stationeries, new schoolbags and even new classmates in a new city or country. In order to refresh the school life and have a good beginning, students and parents will buy a lot of new school supplies before the commencement day. Begin the new term with Airwheel smart e bike and inject more passion to the new school year.


Airwheel R3 electric assist bike


Now, four models of electric assist bicycles are available in Airwheel, R5, R3, R6 and R8 fast electric bikes. Featuring the multiple ride modes—pure electric mode, man-powered mode and moped mode, they can save energy and time.


Airwheel R5 electric bicycle


As most of the school campuses are very large, it is time consuming and energy consuming to walk in different school buildings as well as the dormitory. The long distance of walking will distract students' attention. When they reach the classroom, they are difficult to focus on the course. And it is easy to get late if they walk to classroom. Besides, the max. speed of 20km/h is fast enough. One notable feature is that the removable battery can be used as a mobile power supply to charge smart devices.


Airwheel R6


Airwheel R6 is a brand-new electric folding bicycle which can be folded automatically with simple one button. Compared to R5, R6 enjoys a mini-body with merely 0.27m3 folding size, facilitating the easier storage at home and office, even delivery on the go. New remarkable battery management system cuts down the time span of battery recharge and implements failure alert function to ensure the security of riding tour.


Airwheel R8 electric bike


R8 is a smart electric mountain bike. Considerate design details, including adjustable handle, stream-lined saddle and shock absorption device, ensure the satisfying riding experience. 26 inch large wheels enables the outstanding performance on trekking various road conditions.

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