(Chapter 1) Airwheel Q & A: What Kind Of Travel Experience Do You Want?

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Abstract: The most frequently asked question Airwheel has received is which model is the best one? The one suits you is the best. Many needs to be considered when choose Airwheel model, such as its utility, performance and even the appearance. Today we will talk about this and perhaps you can find the models you need.

Product One: Airwheel E series of folding electric bikes
Target User: Young urban residents
Advantages: Lightweight, portable and effortlessly
Two models in E series—E6 and E3 completely rely on the lithium battery to go forward with the maximum speed of 20km / h. They are able to cover all the daily short-distance travel, such as going to supermarket, and such a speed is sufficient to meet the needs of users. Thanks to the foldable frame, the parking is easy and also you can carry it around. For the long-distance journey, you can carry it to bus or subways.


Airwheel E6 folding electric bike


Product Two: Airwheel R series of electric moped bike
Target User: Riders who want to develop fitness habits and 4 +2 travel enthusiasts
Advantages: Multiple riding modes enrich the journey and adjust exercising intensity.
For those who want to develop exercising habits but too hard to keep up with it, as well as those who want both electrombile and bicycle, Airwheel R series is really able to meet their demands. Three ride modes within one bike enrich the journey. The pure electric mode makes it function like an electrombile and the man-powered mode changes it into a traditional bike. The third mode combines the above two—moped mode. Different gears available, it enables riders to save energy and to do exercise. For riders who want to develop their own exercising habits, they can ride the electric assist bike from low to high intensity.


Airwheel R5 electric assist bike

Product Three: Airwheel Z series of electric standing scooter
Target User: Students and office workers
Advantages: Small and stylish
Generally, the streamlined designed foldable electric scooter is the top choice of the young people who are longing for individuality. Whether Z3, Z5 or Z8, they are convenient to pack away and small enough to be brought into bus and subway. For office workers, they can ride it to work, to go shopping without the worry of traffic congestion, as it can be ridden in narrow streets and weave through crowded easily.


Airwheel Z8 mini electric Scooter


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