(Chapter 2) Airwheel Q & A: What Kind Of Travel Experience Do You Want?

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Abstract: In the last chapter, three different series of Airwheel mars rovers have been talked about from the aspects of Target User and advantages. Today, we will continue this topic and another four series will be introduced.  


Product Four: Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter with dual ride modes
Target User: Rookie riders
Advantages: Easy to learn and dual ride modes
Airwheel S8 and S6 saddle-equipped electric scooters' dual ride modes(both sitting to ride and standing to ride) requires no special setting which not only increase the riding comfort, but also decrease difficulty. In the sitting mode, it lowers centre of gravity making it easier to maintain balance and it eases riders' nervousness greatly with the feet touching the ground easily. When the body relaxes, it is easier to grasp learning skills of self-balancing scooter.


Airwheel smart balancing scooter


Product Five: Airwheel X, Q series of electric unicycles
Target User: Veteran players and riders in pursuit of agility
Advantages: High flexibility and doing stunts
Airwheel's mini self-balancing scooter is divided into single-wheeled X-series and twin-wheeled Q series. X-series has high flexibility and Q series has better balance. Featured by the lightweight and mini size, it allows you to ride it into subway or take it on bus directly. With it, you do not have to go for a long walk to the bus station. Of course, it brings you far more convenient, but also the novel and arbitrary control experience. Also, it is a tool to do stunts.


electric unicycle


Product Six: Airwheel H3 smart electric wheelchair
Target User: The elderly and people who have difficulty in walking
Advantages: Convenient, safe and easy to operate
The reason why the H3 automatic electric wheelchair is a suitable for the old people is the multifunction. It is not only able to ride at the speed of 6km / h in the district, sidewalks, but also has automatic folding system making it easy to store. The handlebar controller allows anyone to sit on the saddle and go.


Airwheel smart folding wheelchair


Product Seven: Airwheel C series of smart helmet
Target User: All riders
Advantages: Safe, video recording and phone-answering
Three models in C series—C5, C6 and C8 are not only the necessary safety equipment which ensure light weight, comfortable to wear and well ventilated, but also an excellent gadget to answer the phone, take photos and other functions.


Airwheel C6 helmet


The end.

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