The New Model in Airwheel A Series — A6S Self-Balancing Wheelchair

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Abstract: The aim of Airwheel is to let the public enjoy a free intelligent life, including the young, the middle and the old of course. Following A3, A6S self-balancing wheelchair was born to give them more choices and its premium quality and innovative design make you fashionable on the roads.

Different models have different target consumers. In Airwheel, the electric one wheels are preferred by the young and those who have the adventurous spirit, the smart e bikes enjoy great popularity among the commuters and the sitting posture electric scooters like A3 are enjoyed by not only the females but also the old. Now, Airwheel released another model in A series—A6S folding electric wheelchairs. Its innovative and modern design makes A6S stand out.


Airwheel A6s


Unlike A3 in the combination of white and orange, A6S installs blue and white appearance to represent sporty and joyful elements. Lightweight aluminium chassis, adjustable saddle and breathable cushion and removable joystick with LED display make A6S handle controlled electric wheelchair unique. This ultra-lightweight will take you anywhere you want to go - by car, train and even plane. Its saddle conforming to human engineering can serve as a chair and make long time sitting comfortable.



Airwheel A6S


Then, A6S installs alterable handlebar meaning it can be placed in the right or left side according to riders' habits. Riders can operate A6S balance wheelchair by leaning forward to go, leaning back to brake and reverse and sitting straight to balance. To turn directions, they need to push the joystick, instead of twisting their upper body to left and right. In addition to easy operation, it is also easy to park due to the automatic alloy kickstands. The high quality front and rear kickstands make it park stably and safely.


Airwheel A6S


To keep riders' safety, Airwheel A6S smart electric wheelchair is equipped with embedded headlight will illuminate the dark environment to ensure a safe ride. The rear intelligent light will light automatically if brake to remind the rear vehicles and passers-by. It has a smartphone App, which gives you ultimate control. The next feature is the foldable frame making it easy to fold and convenient to store. With the folding size of 0.8 m³, it occupies little space.

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