About The Marketing Status of Airwheel C Series — Smart Helmets

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Abstract: For now, Airwheel has released three types of smart helmet—C5, C6 and C8. The smart helmet subverts the fixed idea about Airwheel who was purely a scooter-maker. Its basic function is to protect the rider from getting hurt. However, it is more functional than it seems.

Now Airwheel strikes the customers as a high-end electronics firm who produces a wide range of electronic products. For now, Airwheel has released three types of smart helmet—C5, C6 and C8 cool motorcycle helmets. Of course, the core function of Airwheel street sports helmet is to protect the rider from getting hurting during the ride.


Airwheel C5


Airwheel introduces the camera in its smart helmets, which provides the function of recording for the user. Wearing it, the rider is easy to keep himself from vibration. In the process of selfie, the biggest obstacle to photography is the vibration, which will have an influence on the quality of photos. Airwheel smart helmet is freed from these issues. Also, thanks to the HD camera, putting it at home, it can act as a safety guarder. When there is abnormal condition, you can know it even if you are not at home.


Airwheel C6


Riding vat a high speed, the rider will enjoy the fun and happiness of riding. To perk you up, Airwheel helmet offers the rider the function of playing music. The Bluetooth can transmit the music. Therefore, as long as the rider wears the helmet, the rider can listen to the music. What a treat. Answering phone calls is one of the most common things in our daily life. But it will be very dangerous to pick up phone calls when you are riding in the streets. Airwheel intelligent helmet is configured with Bluetooth earphones and wind-proof and noise-reduction microphone. Therefore, it is more convenient to answer phone calls only by pressing the answering button.


Airwheel C8


From the feedback, we can see customers think highly of Airwheel and its smart helmet. Airwheel has become an electronics firm whose products are not limited to the electric self-balancing scooters. In future, Airwheel C series of Bluetooth helmet will be still on a rise. To learn more functions, please visit http://www.airwheel.net/home/products#series-c.

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