Airwheel Smart Helmets C8 Makes Your Riding More Convenient and Enjoyable

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Abstract: Do you want to make your riding more convenient and enjoyable? You should not just change the equipment of riding. You also need to own an intelligent helmet. And the Airwheel C8 is a good choice for you. It can not only bring safety for you but also can bring a more convenient and pleasant feeling to you.

Airwheel C8



Riding is a popular recreational activity among young people. Although the ideas to riding is different from person to person and each person have their own needs in riding process. Most of the riders must want to make their riding more convenient and interesting. So how can we achieve it? In fact, in addition to upgrading your cycling equipment, you also need to choose a suitable riding helmet. Airwheel intelligent motorcycle helmet C8 is specially designed for daily riding users. On the one hand, it can protect the heads of the riders against collision in riding. On the other hand, it can also bring more convenience for riding with the intelligent technology. Then do you want to upgrade your cycling experience? Maybe Airwheel motorcycle helmet C8 is a good choice for you.


Airwheel C8 helmet


Let us know more about the cool racing helmet.

Firstly, there is an integrated camera in front of the helmet and it also has an ultra-wide sight. So the photos or videos which photographed by us are very close to the scene which was seen in our eyes. And we will be more personally on the scene when we review the pictures.

Secondly, it has HD camera which can record every pleasant experience in our life, and the maximum memory of it can support extended to 128G which can also reach long-time video-taking. So it is completely no problem to take photos to one's heart's content.


Airwheel C8 motorcycle helemt


What's more, picking up the mobile phone often makes us feel troublesome. That is to say, answering the phone is a big problem during our riding process because it may cause an accident sometimes. If you not only want to pick up the phone but also want to keep safe, you need to stop riding on the side of the road. Now, you can answer the phone by using the shortcut key on your helmet C8. Own Airwheel smart helmets C8, and your riding will be more convenient and enjoyful.

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