Welcome The New Model Joining Airwheel Family—A6S Balance Wheelchair

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Abstract: With ergonomic principle, Airwheel makes riders control the speed and whizz about comfortably. A3 as the founding model of A series has made many breakthroughs, like the saddle design, mobile App and the hydraulic shock absorber etc. How about the second model—A6S smart wheelchair?

The wide range of products in Airwheel allows anyone to find their suitable models to ride, like the folding e bike, smart helmet and the latest electric wheelchair. A6S electric wheelchair has many similar features as A3, for instance, the light aluminium alloy frame is sturdy, polished, scratch-proof and colourfast. And the tone of white and blur represents sporty and joyful elements.


Airwheel A6S


Airwheel A6S self-balancing wheelchair in the blue and white colour combination adopts saddle design, the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to maintain balance. This tech is mature. It is designed for users with good core strength - to operate you simply lean forward to go and lean back to brake or reverse. The handlebar whether placed in right or left based on your riding habit controls the directions. For instance, to turn right, riders need to push the handlebar to right. So does turning left. The user is always in full control. A6S adopts 14 inch large wheel, which enables it to overcome any tough terrains. It is a piece of cake for A6S to pass through the stony path or muddy path.


Airwheel A6S


Another feature is the two automatic kickstands in front and rear making parking convenient and safe. Wherever you go, wherever you park. To keep riders’ safety, it installs embedded headlight to illuminate the dark environment to ensure a safe ride. The rear intelligent light will light automatically if brake to remind the rear vehicles and passers-by. Also, A6S folding electric wheelchair is easy to fold and convenient to store. With the mini size, it can perfectly combine with the public transports, like bus and subway.


Airwheel A6S smart wheelchairs

Further, you can download the Airwheel App to connect to A6S smart wheelchair for you to keep informed of the real-time data. Learn more from http://www.airwheel.net/home/product/a6s. If you have any question, please contact via email or social media.

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