Is It Easy for The Old To Ride Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchair?

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Abstract: Compared with the other traditional wheelchairs, Airwheel H3 smart wheelchair has initiated many humanized and unexpected features for riders, such as the dual ride modes (man-powered and electric powered), automatic folding system, and intelligent handlebar controller.

Since Airwheel H3 is designed mainly for the senior citizens, it has more considerate designs than others. H3 electric folding wheelchair is the first model in Airwheel that introduces the automatic folding system and intelligent handlebar controller. It can be folded automatically. Just push one button. Also, the folded figure is small enough to take into many small spaces. Airwheel H3 motorized wheelchair offers great experience for the old, as it is composed of aluminum alloy frame, specially designed wheels, wider and more comfortable seat, storage battery motor and controller, etc. H3 is to help disabled and the old, or the weak ones move within a certain distance (not allowed driving on high ways, as it does not belong to motor vehicles).


Airwheel H3


Here comes the most important question—is it easy to ride? The answer is super easy. Firstly, riders can sit on the saddle and fasten safety belt before riding. Press the starting button and then the volume display will be on or twinkles slowly. Now, riders can push the handlebar controller forward slowly and H3 motorized wheelchair will move forward. Similarly, push the handlebar controller backward/leftward/rightward, it will move backward/leftward/rightward. When you want to stop, release the handlebar controller and it will turn to central position. It is braking steadily. For beginners, it is suggested to ride on a street with fewer people in a slow speed. When you are more familiar with it, you can ride it to anywhere you want. All the operations are realized from the handlebar controller.


Airwheel smart wheelchairs


To ensure the security of riders, it is prohibited to use this function when Airwheel H3 goes uphill or downhill. When you release the handlebar controller and wait the H3 handle controlled electric wheelchair to totally stops. Then you can unfasten the seat belt and get off. Riders' safety is critical for Airwheel. Please carefully read this user manual before using the wheelchair, which is of great importance to your safe operation.


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