Airwheel R6 Folding Smart Electric Bike Could Revolutionize Our Daily Travel.

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Abstract: The single ride mode can no longer meet the modern-day riders' demands. Different vehicles serve for different purposes, such as some are suitable for city commuting, some are portable to be taken, and some are driven by pure electricity power in a relaxed and labor-saving way etc. Airwheel R6 electric cross bike meets all demands.


People's demands on vehicles increase along with the improvement of living standard. In the mobility sector, people want to have more convenient city travelling such as self-drive travel, cycling without spending too much energy or cycling full of sweat and so on. Airwheel R6 lightweight trekking bike can bring users more comfortable experience and convenience and can satisfy all of the requirements.


Airwheel R6 smart folding ebike


Unlike traditional bicycles, Airwheel R6 smart electric bicycle is equipped with hub motor and there are two ride styles to be available-fitness ride style and moped ride style. Under the fitness mode, users need to pedal it purely by man-power to achieve the exercise effect. Sure, the best shall be the moped mode with different gears available to enjoy the long enough range. You will get more fun from the riding. Besides, the battery pack is expanded with USB port for supplying power to the daily intelligent devices. There is no worry about the power off of your mobile phones and your smart e bike.


Airwheel R6 folding smart electric bike


Meanwhile, Airwheel R6 electric cross bike features the automatic folding system. It is not only collapsible, but also automatically collapsible. Push one button and fold/unfold it. After being folded, R6 can be very easily kept in the corner of home or your office and even can be taken into buses, underground or elevators. As a result, R6 can assist users to plan the route more flexibly so as to ensure the most efficient and comfortable journey. When coping with self-drive travel, R6 electric folding bike can be packed into car trunk, instead of being tied up on a bicycle frame on the top of a car.


Best Electric Bike Airwheel R6


Even though Airwheel R6 intelligent electric bike has no smartphone App, its trip computer on the handle serves the same purpose as App. Riders can learn the real-time data more conveniently.

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