From The Product Series to See Airwheel Smart Electric Scooter's Development

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Abstract: With continuous arduous effort, Airwheel is worthy of the name of the exemplar of technology. Its main business line includes portable smart electric vehicles, intelligent helmets and foldable electric wheelchair and so on.


As a tech company, Airwheel grows and thrives with the smart gadgets, like the electric scooter, smart helmets, folding e bike and the latest smart electric wheelchairs. Through years of arduous effort, Airwheel is rightly the exemplar of technology. At the beginning, Airwheel team has made its products avoid the defects of similar products and taken the leading position on the market.


Airwheel self balancing scooters


As we know, Airwheel built up its fortune and fame by the self-balancing electric scooters, represented by X series & Q series. At that time, the electric unicycle is only limited to the minority and with the market development, it can no longer satisfy the growing number of riders' demands. So, S series and A series are equipped with two wheels reducing the learning difficulty. Riders can enjoy the same fun as X series & Q series with almost zero learning cost. They maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. They caused a stir in the market because of the unique ride mode. Later, Airwheel released S6 and S8 saddle equipped electric scooters featuring dual ride modes, either sitting on the saddle to ride, or standing on the board to progress.


Airwheel C6 smart helmet


Afterwards, Airwheel made efforts and broke through to realise this application of wireless connection into mobile phone via App. A3 is the first model equipped with App that can be downloaded by scan its official QR code. The App has the function of showing real-time data, speed-set and automatic detection of faults and so on. In 2017, Airwheel has altered its attention to smart e bikes, say E series and R series. The E series belong to the chain-less bikes, counting on the accelerators mounted on the handles to go forward and R series are chain-equipped, featuring multiple ride modes. One R model equals at least three different vehicles, the bike, the e bike and the moped.


Airwheel R8 mountain electric bike


Now, Airwheel paid attention to the travel of the senior citizens and rolled out H3 and A6S electric wheelchairs to facilitate their daily travel. Let us wait and see what the future generation models of Airwheel be like.


Airwheel A6S electric wheelchair

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