Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchair Safely Navigates Indoors As Well As Outdoors

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Abstract: Whether steering around the kitchen, driving in urban environments or enjoying nature, the Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchair safely navigates indoors as well as outdoors with its powerful motor, quality lithium battery, and an intelligent, responsive handlebar controller.

Airwheel H3 handle controlled electric wheelchair shows a brand-new fashion concept for people with mobility problems, for the senior citizens and for the masses. Each and every feature designed has the customer's comfort and safety in mind. The flexible omni-wheels, independent suspension, and anti-tip bars provide vastly improved stability and traction over others. Whether driving around the house, shopping, or socializing, enjoy a new level of freedom with the Airwheel H3.


Airwheel H3


H3 power wheelchair overshadows other models in terms of riding experience, range, cost performance and practical applications. The innovative power seat slide ensures you're always part of the conversation, offering a natural sitting position at a restaurant, kitchen table or desk by moving you forward. Power seat slide gives you a natural sitting position closer to tables and desks. Riding H3 doesn't need too many skills or too much physical strength, because riders realize all controls, like speeding up, slowing down and changing direction, via slightly adjusting the handlebar controller which is quite easy to control. H3 can cover almost all short-to-long distance travels for them, like buying daily articles and visiting neighbors. It also can be a tool for them, such as walking the dog, morning exercise in a near park or just takes it as a comfortable moveable chair in the open air.


Airwheel H3


And with H3's compact, modern design, users feel extremely comfortable spending more time at social events with family and friends. Four-wheel drive system provides maximum traction and stability on various terrains and the power to climb 8° inclines. It introduces automatic folding system to facilitate the folding process, which just requires pushing one button.


Airwheel H3


Moreover, Airwheel H3 motorized wheelchair's secure smartphone app provides control over all driver settings including speed and responsiveness. To conclude, Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair offers them a more comfortable riding experience and higher riding safety so as to make their life much more convenient and wonderful.

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