Which Airwheel New Arrival Is Your Type—Smart Electric Bike, Sport Helmet Or The Smart Chair?

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Abstract: Through over one year's R & D, Airwheel was proud to claim the release of these new products—R6 and R8 electric assist bikes, C8 full face helmet and A6S & H3 motorized wheelchairs.


Airwheel R6 and R8 electric moped bikes designed for different riders
R8 is an electric mountain bike known for the excellent traffic ability, with the branded wheels with special tread that are nonslip and have excellent grip performance, making it conquer various road conditions easily. Combined with the shock mitigation systems under the saddle, R8 allows riders to ride various road conditions smoothly and gracefully. R6 electric assist bike is famous for its automatic folding design, which paved the way for the advent of H3. Press one button to fold up. R6 will take up less space and therefore it is conveniently stored in the office or at home.


Airwheel smart electric bikes


Airwheel C8 aiming for adventure
Lightweight, aerodynamic, ABS composite helmet shell cuts through the wind keeping the rider comfortable and resulting in less fatigue. C8 adventure helmet not only serves as a safety protection but also as an entertainment device. The recording function with the ability to take pictures and shoot videos has made many riders love it so much. What is more, its Bluetooth allows riders to listen to music and enables the user to answer a call hands-off without whipping out the mobile phone.


Airwheel C8

Airwheel H3 and A6S smart electric chairs with dual mode rides
The main draw of H3 and A6S is its dual mode of ride. The rider could go for both man-powered ride and electric-powered ride. Once the rider feels fatigued after a long trip, the user can choose the electric-powered mode. H3 can be folded automatically bringing much convenience for riders. A6S self-balance chair follows the design of traditional wheelchairs with a wider and softer saddle, stylish, convenient and simple. This is not the end. A6S installs not only a changeable handlebar controller, but also gyro system which makes riders control to go forward and backward via the change of centre of body weight.


Airwheel intelligent electric wheelchairs

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