An Exceptionally Affordable, Feature Rich Airwheel R8 Electric Mountain Bike Is Easier To Stand Over

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Abstract: Made with premium components, high performance lights and a purpose built frame, R8 electric mountain bike shows the fruitful achievement of Airwheel in 2017.

In the modern society, traffic congestion and air pollution are universal problems, especially in the metropolis and citizens are keen on the exquisite and portable personal transports. Five advantages make Airwheel R8 hybrid bike outstanding: remarkable traffic ability, triangular frame, brushless motor, disc brake and versatile battery.  


Airwheel R8 mountain bike


When people going out for recreation, R8 is an excellent means of transportation, because it is known as an off road transport. It installs the largest wheels so far-as large as 26 inch. The branded wheels with special tread are nonslip and have excellent grip performance, allowing R8 to conquer various road conditions. Moreover, R8 electric mountain bike abandons the clumsy design and selects light aluminium alloy to design the triangular body, which is formed by a bending long pipe, leading to high performance of crush resistance.


Airwheel smart bikes


Combined with the brushless motor power system, which takes the magnetic encoder as the sensor, R8 lightweight trekking bike gives riders a smooth and low noise ride. The disc brake is firstly introduced to Airwheel R8. Hydraulic disc brakes perform as expected and are a great addition to an off-road capable bike like this, they will stay cleaner than rim brakes. In case of emergent braking, riders can increase the brake force to shorten braking distance, which is effective to guarantee the safety of the riders.


Airwheel R8 smart mountain electric bike


R8 electric mountain bike is equipped with branded lithium battery featured the BMS. It has 8-circuit protection, which enhances the efficiency of charge and discharge. What is more, the battery pack and display are both easy to remove for safe storage and independent charging, perfect for city riding if you use this for commuting and bring a pannier on the rack, the charger is light and compact enough to come along too. Safety is a big deal if you commute during peak hours and have to deal with dim mornings and dark evenings so R8 is equipped with headlight and brake warning light. Airwheel R8 will be one of the most powerful, fastest accelerating, quietest, and beautifully designed electric bikes you have ever tested.

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