Airwheel H3 Power Wheelchair Enabling You To Socialize More Freely

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Abstract: Airwheel H3 electric wheelchair does not require any human assistance for mobility as they are powered by battery. It is user friendly and convenient which is useful for those unable to use manual wheelchair or who may want to use wheelchair for travelling longer distance and in such case using manual wheelchair is very difficult.

Factors which are driving the growth of global electric wheelchair market are growing worldwide elderly population, necessity of automated wheelchair for disabled people and high disposable income of people from developed countries such as UK, France, Germany, US, Canada and Japan. Airwheel tries its best to bring them a free intelligent life and has released H3 motorized wheelchair. Apart from people with traditional mobility disability, they may also be used by people with cardiovascular diseases or who met with any accidental conditions.


Airwheel H3 folding wheelchair


Recent technological advances are slowly improving wheelchair and power chair technology. Now, they can rely on Airwheel H3 electric wheelchair to bring them a free intelligent life, which is light and handy, practical and comfortable. With H3, they can enjoy sightseeing without feeling exhausted and can get around freely. It brings unexpected comfort, as it has a wide and soft seat cushion and two ways of riding bring unparalleled riding experience.


Airwheel H3 intelligent folding wheelchair


With a lightweight and mini structure, Airwheel H3 automatic folding wheelchair can be easily conquered by anyone thanks to the intelligent handlebar controller. The rider just needs to change the angles of the controller forward, backward, left and right, it will move forward, backward, left or right accordingly. Equipped with Omni-directional wheel design and 12.5 inch rear wheels and 8 inch front wheels, with 360°steering, H3 is more flexible. With its superior performance, you can go through even in a little a corridor. You can ride it to travel, go shopping and visit friends.


Airwheel H3


The global electric wheelchair market is estimated to witness robust growth through 2025 due to growing technological advancement in electric wheelchair industry, new products are equipped with gadgets for accessibility and control. Look forward to a better future. Without doubt, everyone will enjoy a free intelligent life- the final aim of Airwheel.

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