Take A Ride Outside And Remember To Wear Airwheel Smart Helmet

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Abstract: Airwheel smart electric scooter places a great emphasis on the feedback from the customers to produce more products that meet the purchasers' demands. Earlier in 2016, Airwheel unveiled its first wearable equipment, named C5 smart helmet and in 2017, C6 and C8 adventure helmets were born to meet more riders' demands.

For now, Airwheel has risen to the line of the elite of electronics. However, Airwheel is not content with this and it attaches a great importance to the technology and keeps itself innovative and energetic. The C series of smart helmets and H series of motorized wheelchairs are examples.


Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet


Increasing safety and security concerns along with the technological advancements in smart devices is strengthening the demand for smart helmets across the globe. Airwheel continues its R&D into helmet. Now, C series include C5, C6 and C8, featuring HD embedded camera, Bluetooth speaker to answer coming calls and to listen to music, and smartphone app. Airwheel smart helmets can play the music and at the same time, it can offer a function of taking selfies. Wearing Airwheel Bluetooth helmet, riders can take a hands-off call. The convenience is from its built-in Bluetooth. The Bluetooth ensures a safe ride. C6 open face helmet and C8 full face helmet are equipped with a caution light in the rear to remind the rear vehicle and pedestrian.


Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmets


Wearing it properly can give riders a safe and comfortable riding experience. The proper helmet should bring your head slight pressure and paralleled it. Airwheel Bluetooth helmet should be higher than your eyebrow and ear. Unknown safety problems will happened if the helmet is not wore. Vents designed on Airwheel helmet heads up display will ensure the heat will be taken away fast. You will still feel comfortable after a long time wearing with the vents & soft inner pad. If you have any question about using it, please feel free to contact Airwheel.


Airwheel C8 smart helmet


Global smart helmet market is anticipated to expand with a healthy compound annual growth rate over the forecast period owing to the growing personal safety concerns among the users. There is a bright future for Airwheel and its intelligent helmets.

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