To Learn The Features Of Airwheel R Series Of Electric Assist Bikes

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Abstract: Airwheel mars rovers are well-received globally, among which the R series of hybrid bikes are featured with multiple ride modes giving riders much convenience and fun. In 2017 Airwheel showcased its new product for R series family, R6 and R8.


Now, there are totally four models in Airwheel electric assist bikes R series, R5, R3, R6 and R8. There are featured by three different riding modes-electric mode, pedaling mode and moped mode, which is totally different from the traditional bikes. Please note that R6 hybrid bike has two ride modes without electric mode. It is able to serve different purposes. For instance, the pedaling mode is a green and great way to work out. The moped mode with 11 gears available, it enables riders to save energy and to do exercise. The electric mode is powered by electricity, which lets you enjoy the high speed.



Airwheel R5 assist bike



More importantly, each has their own characteristics. R5 smart electric bike is equipped with swappable battery design and collapsible frame and APP speed setting. R3 electric moped bike is made of aluminum alloy frame, portable, with removable lithium-ion battery and USB port. So, Airwheel electric bike can also be appropriate for long-distance commuting. What is more, small volume, light weight and the folding function allow the electric cross bike to be taken into any place, such as elevators, buses and subway carriages or be kept in a car trunk.



Airwheel R8 mountain electric bike



R6 electric assist bike firstly introduces the automatic folding system to make the folding and unfolding process is super easy. Based on the automatic folding system, R6 gets optimized in several details and is widely recognized. For those who work too late to catch the public transportations, R6 is highly appropriate. The added headlight and braking taillight also increase rider's safety level for night riding. R8 lightweight trekking bike is featured by excellent off-road ability, triangle frame, disc brake and 26 inch large tires.



Airwheel R6



If the R series cannot meet your riding demands, there are many other models at your choice, like the S series covering the electric standing scooter and saddle equipped scooter. Find more from Also, welcome to leave message to Airwheel.

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