Airwheel R8 Triangle Electric Bike—A Healthy and Green Mode of Transportation

  • Source:Airwheel

Abstract: Bicycle is an important mode of sustainable transportation providing environment, performance, and price benefits over the gasoline based vehicles. Airwheel released electric assist bike R8 to allow riders to conquer more road conditions.

On the basis of technology, global bicycle market can be segmented into conventional and electric. Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike is regarded as a personal all-terrain vehicle and combines the features of the conventional and electric. The hybrid bicycle segment is estimated to account for major share in the overall market due to high demand from the users for recreational, commuting, and trekking purposes.


Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike


R8 smart electric bike possesses features such as being eco-friendly, inexpensive and a healthy mode of transportation. With three different ride modes—pure electric mode, pedalling mode and moped mode, R8 brings much fun to riders' journey. This healthy and more nature-friendly lifestyle is gaining attraction and people are becoming more aware about the hazards caused by obesity across the globe. Moreover, by cycling, people could avoid massive traffic congestion and reach their destination comparatively faster.


Airwheel R8 mountain bike


R8's shell chooses the low-temperature painting technology making it excellent and has strong corrosion resistance, to protect and frame its wheels and keep mud from splashing it. The super large wheels make R8 lightweight smart electric bike is able to negotiate on tough terrains like muddy paths and craggy paths. Also, its battery and shock mitigation system are located under the saddle, which rules out the possibility of battery water penetration and enable riders to conquer various road conditions smoothly and gracefully.



Importantly, Airwheel attaches great importance to riding safety. R8 hybrid bike is outfitted with headlight and brake warning light. On the poorly illuminative path, ride is rather potentially dangerous. The red and bright brake light in the tail will be on when you press the brake to remind the pedestrian and the vehicle at the back to keep a safe distance. In combination with the trip computer allowing riders to switch freely among the three ride modes and monitor the real-time data, R8 safeguards each riding. In a word, Airwheel R8 is expected to gain traction in the overall market and register a significant CAGR due to integration of e-bikes with mountain and sports bikes.

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