From Being a Transporter to a Fun, Sporty & an Adventure electric self-balancing unicycle Push a Car

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Airwheel has transformed from being a portable transporter to a personal transport adventure scooter. The Airwheel scooters and unicycles are now a part of the personal lifestyle accessories. These incredible electric unicycles have become extremely popular across the world.

There are riders in the UK who were seen pushing a stalled car while riding on their Airwheel electric self-balancing unicycle. And there were riders who were seen performing fancy tricks on their scooters including moving in circles, standing upside down/ sitting on the scooter while rolling on it, bypassing obstacles and many others.


Airwheel, electric unicycle,electric scooter

Airwheel is not just a transporter or a commuting tool anymore. It has become the fun gadget especially for youngsters and adventure seekers. And what makes them explore the Airwheel electric unicycle like the way they do and like no others? It is the incredible design packed with some amazing features. The scooter comes with an inbuilt gyroscope which plays an important role in self-balancing. The inbulit alert features help users avoid tripping and falling while sliding sideways. The lithium battery charges extremely fast and is eco-friendly in a way and that it does not contribute to carbon emissions.

Airwheel, electric unicycle,electric scooter

The Airwheel Q-Series electric  scooter has been well appreciated across the global market. This latest twin-wheeled scooter offers a stable, easier and a master riding experience. It comes with a comfortable chassis and a soft yet sturdy body. Riders would find it easy to clean and need not worry about it occupying much space in their garage or parking space. The 2 precision aluminum pedals on either side of the scooter act as mounting surface which can be used by riders to stand on. Compared to the earlier versions and models, this model comes with an upgraded logic circuitry, generous platform area on pedals and an increased battery range.

electric unicycle, electric self-balancing unicycle


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