Airwheel electric unicycle Riding and Shooting a Scene with Camera in Hand

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The Airwheel electric unicycle have attracted the global market for being the most versatile portable transport systems. These scooters are not just transporters anymore but many people have discovered a variety of ways to use them. Tom Antos, a famous directors and cinematographer with over 14 years of experience in the Visual Effects area had recently posted a video on YouTube and Vimeo.

Tom who is known to be sharing his filmmaking knowledge and experience through a variety of online tutorials had taken his fans by a pleasant surprise by posting a video on how he used an Airwheel for filmmaking.


Airwheel, self balance electric unicycle,2-wheeled electric scooter

Through this video one can watch Tom rolling on his Airwheel while holding his Gimbal and shooting someone running. This video clearly states that Airwheel is not just a transport system anymore. It has different professional uses and in this case for filmmaking purpose. This is just another example of how an Airwheel can be practically applied for cinematography or shooting a scene without having to run on feet with a camera on the shoulder. The self balancing electric unicycle from Airwheel comes with some very interesting features that make this possible.


The Gyroscope system in the Airwheel technology helps in self-balancing and hence one can easily carry a camera and shoot the scenes on the go. It is as good as riding a bicycle but without the need for pedaling or using the arms or hands for steering. This compact transporter operates with just a tilt sideways and the built-in alert system helps riders avoid falls and trips. All it takes to become a pro with this transporter is to get used to balancing it.

Airwheel, electric one wheel,one wheel scooter

It moves forward when riders lean forward and moves back when riders lean backwards. Tom Antos is caught exactly doing the same – testing his camera while riding on the scooter. His video confirms that the twin-wheeled scooter is more stable and much easier to master.

one wheel scooter, electric unicycle

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