The Environmentally Conscious Airwheel R6 Trekking Bike Is the Ideal Transport for All of Your City Adventures.

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Abstract: Faced with the increasing living cost, many are bored with the daily hustle and bustle and feel pressured with daily commute. Luckily, Airwheel R6 smart electric bike has come into the market with its sleek and automatic folding design and excellent functions.

With the improvement of living stands, the private cars have become the standard configuration for families. In addition to the great convenience, the private cars are no longer preferred transport for the public in daily commuting, because of the heavy traffic. But things change with the Airwheel R6 electric assist bike which refreshes the monotonous lifestyle and injects new vigor into daily commuting.


Airwheel R6 smart bike


Different from the private cars that may be stuck on the road, Airwheel R6 mini e bike is able to easily avoids the traffic jam during rush hours and can whizz across the streets freely, which can largely release rider’s pressure. Besides, R6 has two ride modes—manual mode and moped mode. Both are environmentally-friendly with no carbon emissions. It can serve the function of traditional bicycles—building up body and meanwhile, its moped mode with various gears gives riders much more cycling fun. What’s more, R6 folding e bike is easier to carry and can be taken on the bus or subway, thanks to the automatic folding design. Riders just push one button and R6 will be folded or unfolded automatically. For those who take public transportation, it is a good choice for point-to-point transportation to cover the distance between the station and final destination.


Airwheel R6 Intelligent assist bike


In addition to the manageable size, Airwheel R6 lightweight trekking bike emphasizes much on artisanship and design, including the materials and cutting techniques. It installs light and high performance aluminum alloy frame and is equipped with high-quality battery with eight-fold protections. Moreover, its battery can serve as a portable power source with the USB port, compatible with the mainstream phones and tablets. To sum up, if your city is crowded with much traffic gridlock, you can consider to change you trip mode and enjoy trying, enjoy riding Airwheel R6 hybrid bike that offers you a distinctive experience.

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