Celebrate This Christmas with Parents and With Airwheel H3S Mobility Vehicles

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Abstract: Christmas Day is a public holiday in many countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Festive activities include exchanging presents, singing Christmas songs, going to parties. Prepare the Airwheel H3S Mobility Vehicles for your parents as Christmas gifts.

Christmas Day is a holiday in many, but not all, countries. Many homes have Christmas trees and other decorations in the weeks leading to Christmas Day. Some workplaces hold Christmas parties prior to December 25. Have you prepared gifts for your kids and also for your parents? Try the Airwheel H3S electric wheelchair, the latest product. It is easy to control, carry and easy to attract the attention of others which allows you to become a scenic road on the road.


Airwheel H3s wheelchair


Airwheel H3S is featured by its automatic folding system for easy storage. There is a fold and unfold button on the joystick controller and riders just press the fold button to fold up H3S power chair. Also, it is easy to control for the old, with the joystick controller. When pushing the joystick controller forward and backward, it will go forward and backward. As for turning directions, riders can turn it to left and right. It will automatically brake when your hand does not touch the controller, which is super easy to control.


Airwheel H3s power wheelchair


Airwheel H3S has diverse functions. On the one hand, it enables you to travel freely even in crowded places and to reach your destination faster. Moreover, H3S motorized chair can be turned 360 ° and its quality lithium battery provides enough range. On the other hand, it ensures a safer riding experience. The frame is made of aluminium alloy material, with better load ability and durability. Its pedals have frosted surface with three different adjustable heights. What's more, the headlight under the joystick makes it the perfect means of transport to move in poor light. Since there will be a great amount of people on the street, playing and celebrating, it is crucial for the riders to have a safe riding.


Airwheel H3s wheelchair


Two ride modes allow the riders to stand or sit to control H3S smart chair. That is, the electric mode and manual mode give riders different experience. Now, prepare the Airwheel H3S, an innovative personal transport for the old.

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