Airwheel R8 Electric Assist Bike Is The Gift For Your Teenager Son For Christmas

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Abstract: The giving of gifts at Christmas comes from several different ideas. Nowadays children usually get much more expensive presents, have their stockings filled with candy and/or small toys, and have the presents in a big pile under the Christmas tree, like the Airwheel R8 hybrid bike.


As the Christmas approaches, it's time for you to choose gift for your teenager son. Just as personalities vary from one adult to another, personalities in teens vary. But teens do share some personality characteristics—risk-seeking, extraverted and romantic. It will be a headache for parents to choose the most suitable gift for their teenager son. Well, you may try the Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike, as the traditional bike is no longer satisfy the changing needs of them and the new type of bike will give them a new lifestyle.

Airwheel R8 assist electric bike


Airwheel R8 is well known for its three switchable riding models and excellent traffic ability. It is designed to support three different riding models. When riders are tired of riding physically, the full electric model can be initiated to supply the electric power and liberate riders from physical labor. With the premium lithium battery with high-quality wheel hub motor, Airwheel R8 electric assist bike is able to reach the largest speed of 20km/h. If choosing the moped mode, riders can combine physical cycling with electric power which is the favorite mode for your teenager son. With varied speed, riding becomes more fascinating and relaxing. Health is very important for the young and R8 can help them build up their sub-healthy bodies if riders choose the man-powered mode, as they tend to spend a lot of time and energy playing games.


Airwheel R8 smart bike


Also, the Airwheel R8 lightweight trekking bike will allure them to go out and have a ride on weekends. They are risk-seeking and extraverted. R8 will meet their demands and allow them to explore the nature and any unknown places. The 26 inch wheels with special tread are nonslip and have excellent grip performance, making R8 almost unbeatable on different road conditions. Faced with the huge pressure in study, are they full of energy? If not, prepare the Airwheel R8 hybrid bike for them on this Christmas Day.

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