With Airwheel R6 Automatic Folding Bike To Enjoy a Different Christmas Day

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Abstract: With the approach of Christmas Day, you may buy gifts for families and friends. The best kind of gifts chosen with care can light up the heart of the receiver and can endear you more in their eyes. Airwheel R6 automatic folding bike will definitely be a best gift to them, as it can actually enrich their life and provide a chance of taking outdoor activities.

Airwheel R6 smart electric bike will be an unmatched companion for your Christmas and the later daily life. It is not only a way of entertainment, but also a healthy way of commuting. Airwheel R6 is able to provide more stability and comforts due to its optimized design style according with ergonomics. R6 is featured by automatic folding system and portability, so that riders can take it to anywhere conveniently. Riders just push a button and it will fold up automatically when storage. It installs 14 inch wheels with engraved patterns, so R6 has great land-holding capability, and can conquer varied terrains.


Best Electric Bike Airwheel R6


R6 can act as an effective transport with dual ride modes—pedaling mode and moped mode. Riders can easily control the speed or change ride modes with the trip computer. It can meet the long-distance travel demand, because of the swappable battery design and the two different ride modes. Also, it has the function of prevention of battery thievery, with one second to lock. If you play late on Christmas, R6 with thoughtful light design, like the headlight lightening the dark environment and brake warning light will accompany with you home safely. R6 lightweight trekking bike is environmentally and it ensures comforts and safety, which plays an important role in improving travelling experience.


Airwheel R6 Assist electric bike


There is no doubt that R6 smart electric assist bike will be a wonderful choice for riders to enjoy a pleasurable and wonderful time, which is both enjoyable and healthy. It actually provides a new way of entertainment and a growing number of people join Airwheel riding. Choosing a gift for a special person in your life can be easy when you know what she or he likes. Be sure to surprise her or him with some awesome gifts and Airwheel R6 will not let you down.


Airwheel R6 electric assist bike

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