Airwheel A6S Balance Wheelchair Comes As A Trouble-Shooter In Many Aspects Of Life

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Abstract: Airwheel has been committed to R&D of portable, intelligent and clean transport for everyone including the senior citizens. Different series are to meet different demands. But the A6S self-balancing wheelchair is widely acclaimed by the old.

Airwheel mars rover is designed based on the principle of ergonomics and it is quite easy for users to learn how to steer the vehicle. Also, the wide range of products meet all family members' demands. For instance, the young father likes the R8 fast electric bike, mom enjoys riding R6 smart e bike and grandpa and grandma will choose the smart electric wheelchair. Airwheel A6S smart wheelchair aiming to help the people who have difficulty in walking move smoothly, conveniently and freely. It shows the futuristic designs and functions.


Airwheel A6S Manual Wheelchairs


Airwheel A6S is dedicated to offering the old people a convenient and safe transport to help them enjoy a happy and free retired life. It is controlled by the smart handlebar controlling the directions and the change of gravity of center controlling to go forward or backward. Also, riders can place the handlebar in the right or left to conform to your riding habits. A6S handle controlled electric wheelchair has foldable frame and is powered by lithium battery and does not take up much space or lead to any environmental pollution.


Airwheel A6S mobility products


The compact design allows riders to weave through the sideways making them arrive at the destination more quickly. In addition, A6S is not only powered by electricity, but also supports the manual mode. That is, riders can get off the chair and push it to go forward, an effective way to build up body.


Airwheel A6S Power and Manual wheelchairs


Apart from that, the absolute safeness is another characteristic of A6S self-balance personal transport. It is equipped with high-tech intelligent chip that provides several protections for riders. So does the battery. Its lightweight aluminum chassis, adjustable saddle and breathable cushion and removable joystick with LED display make A6S unique. Its high quality front and rear kickstands make it park stably and safely. Please remember that riders need to sit on the saddle first, get power on and then lift the kickstands to go.


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