Adults Electric Unicycle from Airwheel Takes a Live Tour on the Streets of UK

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The Airwheel scooters have come a long way from being transporters to becoming the global trend. These unicycles and scooters are not just the alternative means of transport but an extremely fun way to travel to work or to any place on the very same roads. No more carpooling, no more budget allocation for fuel month on month and no more contributing to pollution. The unicycles offer a great start for a new lifestyle. Recently the Airwheel adults electric unicycle riders went to the streets of Cardiff, Brighton and Manchester during March 21-22 to promote a fun way to commute.

Airwheel, electric scooter,self-balance unicycle

This 2-day Airwheel Tour in the UK made quite a sensation where Airwheel self-balancing unicycle riders caught the attention of pedestrians. There were three teams who whizzed across the streets to introduce their unicycles to the people in general. These unicycles can be compared to skateboards but are much more functional and automatic. The exterior design is very sleek and attractive. A stunned local resident says "They immediately put people in mind of the hover board in 'Back to the Future'" after being introduced to the unicycle. And as rightly said, Airwheel offers futuristic devices and they define the future commute concept.

These eco-friendly devices are one of those uniquely modern lifestyle concepts. The design is based on gyro technology which contributes to self-balancing. The unicycles are portable, environment friendly, cheap to run and a fun way to ride. They can be easily carried into buses or metros. They are safe and easy to drive. All it takes is a tilt sideways, tilt to either front or back to change the movement.

Airwheel, electric scooter,self-balance unicycle

It is as simple as gliding on the roads with skates on. The latest twin-wheel version launched by Airwheel electric Scooter is even easier to ride and is designed for individuals who are not comfortable with single wheel drives.

self balance electric unicycle, 2-wheeled electric scooter

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