The All-New Airwheel Smart Gadgets Are to Revolutionize the Daily Travel

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Abstract: It is surely a bumper year for Airwheel as a bunch of new products have totally changed the stereotypes of Airwheel and opened up a new section, such as Airwheel H series of power chairs and the newest SR3 smart suitcase.


Airwheel is a household name for electric scooter fans, who is devoting itself into producing smart and eco-friendly vehicles, like the R series of electric moped bike, H series of electric wheelchair, with the aim to facilitate the public's daily travel. A bunch of new products have totally changed the stereotypes of Airwheel and opened up a new section, especially the new arrival—SR3 smart luggage.


Airwheel assist electric bikes


Electric assist bike—R6 and R8
Airwheel R6 and R8 provides the public a more flexible and agile riding experience, by outfitting with multiple ride modes and riders will never be worried about running out of electricity with the swappable battery design. R6 focuses on the folding system and riders can fold it automatically. R8 electric mountain bike pays more attention to the traffic ability and its 26 inch tires and motor are powerful enough to easily conquer any terrains.   


Airwheel smart wheelchairs


Power chair—A6S, H3S and H8
Once, the Airwheel products are designed for the young and the A6S, H3S and H8 smart electric chairs are for the senior citizens and for the people who have difficulty in walking. With the smart joystick controller, it is easy to control. The A6S's controller has an LED display showing the real-time data. Also, H3S installs the automatic folding system to make it easy and convenient to store it. H8's storage bag under seat makes it a perfect tool to go to supermarket.


Airwheel Smart suitcase


Smart suitcase—SR3
SR3 is a 20-inch smart carry-on suitcase with 30L inner space. The rear-wheel drive, combined with the front Omni-directional wheel allows users to enjoy a smooth and relaxing journey. The core technology of the SR3 includes auto-follow function that allows users to liberate two hands and intelligent obstacle avoidance which can travel autonomously without bumping into people or objects. Also, via the mobile app, users can control it and monitor the real-time status. The removable lithium-ion battery complying with airline boarding requirements can charge daily electronics. To conclude, Airwheel is going to change people's daily travel comprehensively.

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