About The Riding Instructions of Airwheel New Prodduct H8 Electric Wheelchair

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Abstract: Uncompromising design and functionality, the Airwheel H8 powered wheelchair was ergonomically designed for a convenient and stylish ride for our parents. Here are the riding instructions.


Available in various sizes, styles, and models, Airwheel's intelligent personal transportation devices were engineered to match the needs of the modern consumer. Now, the old has more than one choice in Airwheel with the release of H8 smart wheelchair. Then, how to drive H8 will be introduced in the following.


Airwheel H8 Motorized chair


Firstly, riders need to fasten safety belt after sitting on the seat. Turn on power and one second later the LED battery power and speed display will be constantly on. Then, push the joystick slowly forward and H8 smart electric wheelchair will move forward. Similarly, push or pull the joystick backward/leftward/rightward, the wheelchair will move backward/leftward/rightward. And riders can adjust speed according to road condition, surrounding conditions and personal preference. When you want to brake or stop, release the joystick and it will turn to central position. Hold the brake handle slowly to make it stop steadily.


Airwheel H8 Mobility Vehicles


There are several buttons on the joystick controller. And riders can know each function by the name, for instance, the power switch controls the power supply of the wheelchair. When pressed, the wheelchair is in power supply. When released, it is out of power supply. When riders use the brake handle, they need to hold the brake handle slowly and tightly and H8 battery powered chair will slow down. When you need to park for a long time, hold the brake handle firmly and toggle the parking brake up to the appropriate position. The brake will be locked and H8 smart chair will be stopped. If you want to start using it again, hold the brake handle and toggle the parking brake down to unlock the brake. Also, there are Speed Indicator and LED Power Display showing the current speed and battery level.


Airwheel H8 lightweight wheelchair

As we know, H8 power chair has dual ride modes and in the electric mode, the riders cannot control it via mobile app. After H8 enters the standby mode (manual mode), riders can connect the smartphone via the App and control is by App. (note: if joystick works, it will exit the App control mode). Learn more from http://www.airwheel.net/home/product/h8.

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