What Measures Has Airwheel Taken To Ensure Riders' Safety?

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Abstract: Airwheel has taken every possible step to produce a safer and more user-friendly product. Its paramount quality and thoughtful designs ensure a wonderful riding experience. Airwheel presents a creative way of living to meet every day needs and a symbol for the increasing need to protect our environment.


Airwheel mars rovers is always able to bring a more carefree ride to the rider. For the electric vehicles, the battery plays a crucial role in power supply and riding safety for riders. Airwheel mini electric scooter installs branded battery, and the specially designed constant current constant voltage charging has stable performance and long service life to meet the demands of indoor and outdoor usage. In addition to the battery, the tire also acts an important role in a safe ride. The tires mounted on Airwheel are customized, whose size ranging from 3.2 inch (Z8) to 26 inch (R8), with unique tread pattern that helps drain water and enhance grip performance. Moreover, some models choose the front pneumatic tire and rear solid tire design to ensure a smooth ride.


Airwheel smart folding bike


Safety guarantee is also reflected in every single design. For the self-balancing scooters, Airwheel chooses the speed limitation protection measure. For instance, the speed will be decreased automatically when Airwheel smart electric scooter reaches a large speed in a potentially dangerous condition. Some models install electronic braking system that can react to emergency brakes within few seconds to prevent riders from getting hurt. Also, all the Airwheel products have been equipped with mobile apps to learn the real-time riding data.


Airwheel H3S smart wheelchair


As for the latest models, like the H3S, H8 and A6S power chairs, the safety measures have been upgraded. H3S electric wheelchair will decelerate immediately until stop if rider releases the controller when going downhill, to guarantee rider's safety. The horn will ensure a smooth experience even in crowd or heavy traffic jam. H8 electric wheelchair installs dual brakes and dual alerts. A6S's automatic kickstands make it stable and safe to park it. They can light up the road whether it's on urban streets or rural lane, outdoors or indoors with the embedded headlight and automatic rear light.

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