Learn All The New Features Of Airwheel H8 Power Chair With Storage Bag

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Abstract: Airwheel H8 smart chair with a storage box is an intimate companion for parents—Go to supermarket, go for a walk, and take a trip and more. Do not hold yourself back from trying new things. Airwheel H8 electric wheelchair encourages smarter and more efficient living.


Airwheel H8 four-wheeled personal transport, exclusively designed for the senior citizens is featured by easy operation. All controls are realized by the handlebar controller. Adopting lighter and higher strength than ordinary material, its maximum load can reach 130kg. In addition, H8 as Outdoor Mobility Equipment has better adaptability to different road conditions, 8° climbing ability making your journey worry free. And its constant engine speed saves battery power and reduces friction, prolonging service life.


Airwheel H8 Medical Equipment


Airwheel H8 has dual brake systems, fast hand brake and brake button that guarantee riders' safety. In emergency, riders can choose either one to ensure safety. Furthermore, when turning or reversing, H8 mobility aid will give you alert if there are obstacles to ensure the safety of rider and others. Moreover, Airwheel team set the H8's maximum speed 6km/h and it will automatically issue a warning when turning directions and reversing which effectively prevents accidents. All such designs are to maximize riders' safety.


Airwheel H8 Power and Manual wheelchairs


Unlike H3S, H8 smart electric wheelchair features a large-capacity storage box, which is able to carry the daily necessities, making parents go shopping easier. Users can sit on H8 power chair and go shopping. The humanized thickened soft cushion designed for long-time sitting reduces fatigue, ensuring safe and comfortable riding. Moreover, the removable battery design provides convenience by allowing the battery charged in the room. H8 has its Airwheel mobile application available for Android and Apple devices to monitor your speed, battery level, remote control and much more. Other than that, H8 has three remote control modes—single hand, two hands and gravity sensing mode.


Airwheel H8 Electric Wheelchair


There have been significant efforts over the past 20 years to develop stationary wheelchair trainer platforms that could enable wheelchair users to exercise as one would on a treadmill or bicycle trainer. And the intelligent and trendy Airwheel H8 battery powered chair is the ideal personal transportation device for the whole families, especially our parents.

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