To List The User-Friendly Designs Of Airwheel H3S Foldable Electric Wheelchair

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Abstract: Airwheel H3S folding electric wheelchair is the best companion for the old groups. The following features will make them cannot resist the temptation of the newly designed Airwheel H3S. Also, you can get it as a gift for your parents.

Airwheel H3S power and manual wheelchair is one the new products and becomes the best companion for retiree groups. The following features will make you cannot resist the temptation of the newly designed Airwheel H3S.


To begin with, the automatic folding systems make Airwheel H3S rise to prominence. H3S is easy to fold by pressing the automatic button on the controller, making it supper easy to store.


Airwheel H3S smart wheelchair


Secondly, dual ride modes add much fun riders—Electric mode and manual mode. H3S folding power chair installs branded lithium battery with high quality. The electric mode gives riders an effortless ride and allows riders to stop and chat freely. H3S has excellent traffic ability and flexibility. Riders can go anywhere they want and enjoy freedom fully. H3S can be pushed like the traditional wheelchairs in the manual mode, so that riders can enjoy the company of close friends and families.


Airwheel H3S intelligent wheelchair


Thirdly, from the aspect of riding comfort, the foldable pedals are comfortable and antiskid, with three adjustable heights to meet the needs of different users. Its intelligent joystick controller is replaceable, which can be mounted on the right handlebar or left. The newly designed operation panel small and comfortable, accords with ergonomics. It will automatically brake when rider's hand doesn't touch the controller, which is super easy to control Riding Airwheel H3S electric wheelchair is more in line with the riders' habit. In addition, its armrest is retractable according with human body engineering which makes dinning and getting on/off easy and safe.


electric wheelchair Airwheel


Fourthly, Airwheel H3S aims to provide the smoothest riding experience. The Smart dual-motor design is more powerful. The joystick controller and Omni-directional wheel make H3S easy to turn directions. Lastly but not least, specifically developed Airwheel mobile app that can be connected to H3S smart chair anytime to know the speed, residual power and mileage etc. With the App, riders can check the malfunction to simplify the process of maintenance. Moreover, the newly developed intelligent control system allows riders to remote power on/off.

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