Airwheel H3S Motorized Wheelchair, Hadley's Surprise Gift for His Parents

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Abstract: Hadley plans to buy a special present for his parents due to their 50th anniversary of marriage. A satisfactory gift should be useful, safe and considerate. Of cause, it should also show the love and thoughtful attention of the giver and finally Hadley chooses the Airwheel H3S motorized wheelchair.


Sending gifts is always an essential part of daily life, such as on important festivals, birthdays and a variety of anniversaries etc. With the approach of Hadley's parents' 50th anniversary of marriage, he plans to buy a special present. The most suitable present for his parents, in his opinion, should be useful, safe and comfortable. Hadley decides to send her parents an Airwheel H3S lightweight folding wheelchair.


Airwheel H3S Power Folding Scooter


Hadley's parents lead a trendy lifestyle and they are eager to travel around. But their physical conditions are not that satisfactory. Considering this, Hadley plans to buy the special present—Airwheel H3S power chair, useful, safe and comfortable as their 50th anniversary of marriage's gift. It is super easy to operation thanks to the newly developed intelligent control system. Push the joystick controller to go forward, backward and turn directions.


Airwheel H3S Folding Power chairs


Airwheel H3S smart electric wheelchair is multifunctional with dual ride modes. Riders can both ride it in standing posture and sitting posture and riding becomes easier and freer with sitting posture. The saddle is very comfortable with attractive appearance and ventilated function. Moreover, it is made of aviation aluminum alloy and its footrest has three adjustable heights to meet the needs of different users. 12.5 inch rear tires and 8 inch front tires with excellent performances ensure a smooth ride.


Airwheel H3S Manual Wheelchairs


With Airwheel H3S, he will never worry about the safety of his parents. When reversing, H3S motorized wheelchair will automatically beep to remind passers-by around to ensure safety and it lights up the road whether outdoors or indoors. Of course, Airwheel H3S never takes much space with the automatic folding system. Hadley's parents can put it in any place of his house. Also, Hadley's parents can share her riding experience and joy with others via the app that can be obtained by scanning the QR code in its homepage. All these designs make Hadley's parents enjoy the beautiful nature every morning comfortably.

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