Riders Need To Know These Parameters Of Airwheel H3S Power Chair.

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Abstract: Airwheel H3S power and manual wheelchair is advocating portability and convenience. With upgraded design and improved performance, H3S was well received. Here are several parameters you need to know if you are interested in H3S.


The changes that occur with aging can lead to problems with a person's ability to move around, or mobility. The newly released Airwheel H3S lightweight power chair is advocating portability and convenience and more importantly, it is specially designed for the aged. In the first place, H3S requires no skills to ride it. Riders can control it via the joystick controller and sit on the saddle, fasten the safety belt and go.


Airwheel H3S folding wheelchair


Airwheel H3S is proud of its automatic folding system that enables individuals to easily fold or unfold it by pressing the button slightly. So, H3S folding electric wheelchair can be easily stored in the trunk of a car or carried into subway, bus and be ridden directly into elevators. The size of Airwheel H3S is 620mm*980mm*1100mm, while, the folding size is only 890mm*620mm*400mm. Foldable chair saves tons of space.


Airwheel H3S electric wheelchair


Equipped with 524wh lithium battery, H3S is able to meet the daily travel demand. Similar to the relationship of fuel consumption and cargo load, the range of H3S's per charge is related to the rider's body weight and speed. Please note that when the indicator is on, H3S is powered on, and when it is off, H3S power and manual wheelchair is powered off. Please turn off power to prevent the battery from over-discharging if riders do not use it.


Airwheel H3S wheelchair


With customized 8 inch front wheels and 12.5 inch rear wheels, Airwheel H3S motorized chair is capable of conquering various road conditions. Better traffic ability and stability, it is designed to be bumpy-patterned for better grip. The 130kg maximum load can meet the general's demands. Moreover, H3S is safe to ride with the intelligent reversing reminder, great self-control ability and the headlight under the controller handlebar ensures a safe ride at night.

Mobility problems may be unsteadiness while walking, difficulty getting in and out of a chair, or falls. To conclude, Airwheel H3S smart electric wheelchair is to solve these mobility problems.

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