Airwheel H8 Power Chair Allows Old People To Move Around Without Restraint

  • Source:Airwheel

Abstract: Daily mobility for the senior citizens, especially for those who have difficulty in walking and who are weak becomes a problem, even though the distance between the neighbor, market and canteen is several kilometers. Now, the situation changes with the born of Airwheel H8 multifunctional electric wheelchair.

Now, thanks to the advancement of tech and improvement of living standard, people have more choices than ever, like the foldable e bike, mini electric scooter and power chair and so on. As the manufacturer of intelligent transport, Airwheel insists to researching and developing practical and stylish vehicles which can bring much convenience to users. Airwheel mini electric scooters are based on the demand of the messes and H8 motorized wheelchair is no exception. H8 is also an effective transport for certain group-old people.


Airwheel H8 Folding Electric Power Wheelchair


Airwheel commits itself to letting people's trip be more convenient and freer. H8 is one of the exemplars. Airwheel H8 smart electric wheelchair features lighter and sturdier frame, large-capacity storage box, intelligent handlebar controller and Omni-directional wheel and more. With the 30L storage box, it will facilitate the process of buying daily items. When they goes to supermarket, she can ride Airwheel H8 and ride it directly into the market. There is no parking problem. Places like elevator, buses, subways or trunk of cars are also available. H8 power chair is equipped with headlight, bell and dual brake systems—fast hand brake and brake button to safeguard the night riding.


Airwheel H8 Motorized chair


In addition to be an effective tool when go shopping, H8 can also satisfy the aged if they want to go somewhere far from the neighbor, because of the adoption of quality lithium battery. Also, the battery is removable, so users can charge the battery anywhere without bringing the H8 to the room. Moreover, H8 handle controlled electric wheelchair has two ride modes—electric mode and manual mode. Riders just push the handlebar controller and they can move effortlessly. Also, the man-powered mode allow riders to load more goods and to do exercise as well. Surely, Airwheel H8 smart wheelchair is a good helper for the old people and will bring much convenience to their retired life.

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