Say No To The Mobility Problems Of The Old People—Airwheel H3S Folding Power Chair

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Abstract: Airwheel mars rover offers a new option for touring the city's neighbourhoods, downtown, beach and more. Also, Airwheel considers the travel demands of the old people and rolls out H series of power chairs.


Airwheel is dedicated to making everyone move around freely and bringing more convenience to riders. H3S power and manual wheelchair is a fire-new means of transport for the old, featured by the automatic folding system, natural ride ability, dual ride modes and other thoughtful designs.


Airwheel H3S smart wheelchair


Airwheel H3S installs aluminium alloy 6061 frame, light and tough featured by strong impact resistance reduces the item weight and improves the load capacity to 130kg. Airwheel H3S has a max speed of 3.8 miles an hour. It's very user friendly and riders just sit on the saddle and ride. H3S smart wheelchair is easy to fold by pressing the fold/unfold button with the automatic folding systems which brings portability and convenience.


Airwheel H3S intelligent wheelchairs


Other details of Airwheel H3S have been considered. For instance, pedals of H3S tested repeatedly have been proven that they have good strength and toughness, to give riders a care free riding experience. 8 inch front wheels and 12.5 inch rear wheels with inflatable tires, combined with the unique tread pattern design enable H3S electric power wheelchair to adopt more road conditions and lengthen its service life. Also, when going downhill, it will decelerate immediately until stops if rider releases the controller, which guarantees rider's safety. Speaking of the controller, it makes H3S has the natural ride ability. Anyone can sit on the saddle and just push the controller slightly to control it. Its motor is worth mentioning, with dual-drive brush motor with clutch pull rod. Its power is 200W, voltage is 24V and revolving speed is 3776rpm.


Airwheel H3S intelligent wheelchair


In addition to bringing a smooth ride, Airwheel H3S smart electric wheelchair ensures the riders' safety to the largest extent. Its mobile app lets riders know the speed, battery, mileage etc. More importantly, the app fault self-diagnosis guarantees rider's safety before riding. Also, the headlight under the controller allows riders to ride it in light-insufficient environment and the horn to remind the front pedestrians.

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