Airwheel SR5 smart luggage gives you the opportunity to be a unique and stylish traveler

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Abstract: Airwheel SR5 is the first type of intelligent self-driving suitcase in Airwheel history and acts as a new travel mate for travelers. Travelling with SR5 is a fascinating experience for traveler since it offers many cool features.

Airwheel released another new important product to extend its business scope—intelligent auto-following suitcase. Compared with traditional suitcase, Airwheel SR5 is smarter and can help traveler to gain an easier and more comfortable experience.


Airwheel SR5 self-driving luggage


Airwheel SR5 is becoming a unique and stylish travel mate that attracts millions of travelling lovers. In terms of design style, Airwheel SR5 plays an important role in sturdiness and fashion. Its shell made of ABS+PC and it shares both the advantages of PC's excellent heat and impact resistance and ABS's anti-wear and scratch. Its adjustable aluminum draw-bar with high-strength has three heights. In addition to the tough shell, SR5 self-following suitcase has reasonable inner layout with the polyester fabric as its inner, allowing you to put underwear directly with no more worry. It has passed many tests to ensure its quality—load drop test, load vibration test, wheel endurance test, load rolling test, temperature change test, and smog & humidity test.


Airwheel SR5 intelligent auto-following suitcase


Each design detail of SR5 reflects the consideration towards convenience and comforts, which is finally realized by the excellent design according to ergonomics. SR5 smart luggage makes travelling labor-saving and efficient with 2km/h, as it can follow you automatically and stops when the owner stops, due to the visual recognition module and real-time monitoring. SR5 will release voice prompts when turning power on/off, detecting human tracking, losing target and over-speeding. Moreover, SR5 adopts modular battery design, which makes unlimited range be possible. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with USB power supply port and supplies power for cell phone, Pad and other daily USB electronics. Such a design is widely acclaimed by travelers with long journey.


Airwheel SR5 auto-following suitcase


In summary, SR5 hands free suitcase is an amazing product in Airwheel and we will continue to develop more smart travel mates so that in the future travelers are able to enjoy a free intelligent travelling experience.

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