Airwheel A6S Lightweight Balance Wheelchair Reinvents the Wheel for the Travel Enthusiast

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Abstract: Sometimes you have to reinvent the wheel. The Airwheel A6S handle controlled electric wheelchair is an eco-friendly personal transportation vehicle that encourages smarter and more efficient living.


Airwheel keeps innovating and upgrading the design to satisfy more riders' travel requirements. Not only has an innovative adaption to smart technology, Airwheel represented a creative way of living. A6S balance wheelchair with gyros and a joystick controller brings a new experience in individual travel. Not all older people need to use wheelchairs full time. It can be a good idea to use a wheelchair for long distances in order to save time and to avoid fatigue.


Airwheel A6S somatosensory smart wheelchair


Self-balancing ability, joystick controller and automatic kickstands are the distinct features of Airwheel A6S smart electric wheelchair. It takes no time for riders to control it by virtue of the super stability and ergonomic handles. A wheelchair that is too wide can cause bad posture. A wheelchair that is too narrow can cause skin breakdown from rubbing against the frame of the chair. A6S not only chooses the double honeycomb mesh breathable material, which is wear-proof and durable, but also ensure it is a good fit.


Airwheel A6S balance wheelchair


We can learn it from the following parameters. Its Saddle length is 400mm, width is 400mm; Cushion to ground is 570mm; Pedal to ground is 125mm and its backrest height is 220mm. Its simplicity design does not forego unparalleled riding comfort, guaranteed by the cutting-edge materials. The sitting posture to control Airwheel A6S makes the riding is no long a laborious process. The longer you sit, the more comfortable you feel.


Airwheel A6S self-balancing wheelchair


Adopting smart joystick controller and specially designed tires, which brings agile response and stable operation, A6S self-balancing wheelchair is able to adapt to urban conditions. There is a smooth riding even on meandering and bumpy roads. Its brake is achieved both through change of gravity centre and through the release of controller. Also, there are some other features will appeal to moms, such as the LED display at the top of the controller and App etc. It is the automatic kickstands that allow riders to stop and part it easily. Airwheel A6S is now available on Amazon,

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