Be One with Nature and Airwheel R6 Trekking Bike Today and Appreciate the Beautiful World

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Abstract: Relax and take a look at some of the world's most beautiful natures. Be one with nature and Airwheel R6 electric assist bike today and appreciate the beautiful world that we live in!

Spending some time in nature can feel like a relief after staring at a screen or being stuck inside all day. There are plenty of ways to enjoy nature: you can exercise outside, document what you see, and even just commit yourself to really experiencing what's happening. Among all the models Airwheel released, R6 lightweight trekking bike is my type and it will be a great helper to explore nature.


Airwheel R6


Traffic congestion is an unavoidable issue nowadays and it sometimes can hold drivers or commuters up for a full hour. Obviously, it is not the best way to cope with traffic jam. Airwheel R6 smart electric assist bicycle is a blessing both to travelers and commuters. The frame of R6 is made of aviation aluminum, featured by shock resistance. It can be easily stored thanks to the automatic folding system. R6 is coupled with imported lithium battery that guarantees sufficient power supply. It is protected by battery management system that manages a rechargeable battery. To charge the battery and phone is indeed convenient due to the USB port. It is more compatible with more power sources, both for charging and for providing electricity to other electronics.


Airwheel R6 electric assist bike


R6 hybrid bike has two different ride modes—manual mode and moped mode that allow you to do exercise and to enjoy a labor-saving journey. Also, riders can ride it in light-insufficient environment. A bright headlight and red brake light will be on when you press the brake to remind the pedestrian and the vehicle at the back to keep a safe distance. If walking or running isn't quite your style, go for a bike ride instead. You can bike through your neighborhood, or even take your bike to a nearby nature trail. Either way, you'll get some exercise while you’re enjoying being outside. Let nature's wonder reveal itself, from mountain peaks penetrating the clouds to tiny rainbow-colored fish weaving between coral reefs.

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