Airwheel H8 Smart Electric Wheelchair Offers Old People A Convenient Lifestyle

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Abstract: The latest ride in our personal transportation family, the Airwheel H8 handle controlled electric wheelchair has just arrived with enhanced speed, range, and capabilities. Embrace a new and free intelligent life with Airwheel H8.


After retirement, you want to have an enjoyable life after working all those years. The first step is making sure you are healthy enough and have the funds to pay for what you want to do. Finally, you need to find activities you enjoy and people you enjoy doing them with so you have an active life. To have an active life, you might need a vehicle for you to get around freely—Airwheel H8 smart electric wheelchair.


Airwheel H8 4 wheels wheelchair


Airwheel H8 has been widely known by the public and the reason behind its popularity is that it offers the old people a convenient lifestyle. The smart joystick controller makes it super easy to control and anyone can sit on H8 and push the controller to go. Airwheel H8 handle controlled electric wheelchair can be ridden on pavement together with pedestrians so as to successfully avoid the traffic at crossing, flyover and highway. The large storage box mounted under the saddle lends them a hand when go to market. There is no need for them to carry it by hand, just put them in the box.


Airwheel H8 Smart Wheelchair


Of course, the safety is perfectly guaranteed. Airwheel H8 power chair is equipped with dual brake systems and double alerts. Riders can increase the brake force to shorten braking distance when there is emergency braking, via the brake button and hand brake. When turning or reversing, H8 will give riders alert if there are obstacles to ensure the safety of rider and others. The brushless motor can traverse a variety of indoor and outdoor terrains without carbon emissions. Environmentally conscious robot that moves you from A to B and anywhere in between.


Airwheel H8 Intelligent 4 wheels wheelchair


Another important convenient feature is the replaceable battery design in a bid to make the charging extremely easy to obtain. Also, the dual ride modes-electric mode and manual mode make H8 electric wheelchair more multifunctional. When you retire, you may be wondering what to do next and whatever you do, H8 is necessary.

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