Airwheel SR5 Smart Luggage Shows the Essence Of Travel—Joyful, Smart and Efficient

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Abstract: In the market, the demand for high quality, high efficiency and highly interactive smart equipment coincides with the core concept of Airwheel—joy, smart and efficient. Airwheel mars rover offers a new option for touring and SR5 self-driving luggage shows the essence of travel.

Joy, smart and efficient is fully showed on the Airwheel new arrival—SR5 intelligent auto-following suitcase. The suitcase's features set the standard for the next generation of travel gear: The companion iOS or Android app lets you control the TSA-approved lock and its proximity option, which can automatically unlock when you and your phone move into range.


Airwheel SR5 smart suitcse


What kind of product will bring you joy? To be simple, joy is the feeling of success and satisfaction.

Airwheel SR5 self-driving suitcase helps travellers bid farewell to the heavy bag and transforms travelling from an annoying process to an enjoyable one, thanks to the following cool features—auto-follow and obstacle avoidance, anti-lost alarm reminder and position track and so on. It installs 160 degree wide angle camera and sensor to track the user's position and identify user accurately. It is a great joy for Airwheel to compete in the market and also a great joy for traveller liberate their hands during travel.


Airwheel SR5 auto-following suitcase


The joy much lies in the smart. The APP of SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase is achieving remote control and the mobile will release alarm when it is separated from the user beyond safe distance. Rear wheel with dual-wheel provides strong power and it is equipped with highly intelligent chips to exert its full performance. Like others models, SR5 has a removable lithium battery to charge the phone and other USB electronics.  


Airwheel SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase


Efficiency is being effective without wasting time or effort or expense. Airwheel delivers users products with better performance, quality, and affordability. ABS and PC SR5 considers design and experience to make it more fashionable and comfortable. Its inner is made of polyester fabric, allowing you to put underwear directly with no more worry. The 30L layout can let you arrange the travel items easily. Moreover, the groove design providing mechanical support for SR5 smart suitcase greatly reduces the impact pressure. The advent of Airwheel SR5 presents a cost-effective alternative suitcase for public.

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