Airwheel Smart Suitcases and Other New Arrivals Will Be Exhibited At 2018 HK Electronics Fair

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Abstract: During 13-16 April 2018, Airwheel is exhibiting at the "Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018 (Spring Edition)", Asia's largest spring electronics fair. We sincerely invite you to visit us for different kinds of smart gadgets. Our booth number is B15&B17 (3F), Hall 3.


The Spring Edition 2018 HK Electronics Fair is held in the Convention and Exhibition Centre from 13 to 16, April 2018. Airwheel will display our latest achievements at the booth B15&B17 (3F), Hall 3. Airwheel will unveil its new products and lets visitors test it on the spot. It offers a great opportunity to experience Airwheel latest products.


Airwheel SE3 rideable luggage


Airwheel product features compact size, light weight, easy transportable and maintenance-free etc. The new arrivals H3S, H8, A6S and A6T smart electric wheelchairs lend a hand to the people having difficulty in walking to get around. H3S, H8 and A6S are equipped with interchangeable joystick controller to make riding easier and to adapt to different habits of riders. H3S is a fully auto-fold/unfold electric wheelchair with remote control in three ways by APP. What's more, a visual tracking camera is newly added to H3S, allowing it to track people you want to follow. Max speed 3.5km/h. A6T balance personal vehicle is the new arrival without joystick controller but with the handlebar, A6T has the same controlling way as S3.


Airwheel SR3 intelligent self-driving suitcase


Earlier in 2018, Airwheel released an smart robot suitcase SR3 to make trip easier and smarter. It can travel autonomously without bumping into people or objects. SR3 is also available in 2 colors. Airwheel designed smart phone APP literally, help you remote control. Moreover, SE3, a ridable smart suitcase will make its international debut. It features smart handlebar, removable battery and auto-stretch wheels.



On the spot, not only you can enjoy the test ride of these new arrivals, but also meet best sellers from Airwheel, for instance our electric bikes with different ride modes, man-powered mode, pure electricity mode and power-assisted mode, making the travel much easier and funnier. Welcome to our booth 3F B15&B17, Hall 3. Can't wait to meet you in Hong Kong.

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