Technological accumulation finally bear fruits--Airwheel SE3 motorized ridable luggage

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Abstract: 2018 is phenomenal for Airwheel. Technological accumulation finally bear fruits, Airwheel SE3 ridable suitcase debuted at the 2018 Hong Kong Electronics Fair, marking the birth of a new concept of travel mode, which  penetrates “joy”, “smart” and “efficient” concepts to every corner of the industry.


It is the excellent product quality that wins recognition and reputation globally. As a provider of smart life solutions with profound heritage in hardware, Airwheel has completed many certifications and patents. The integration of technical expertise and globalized brand parts provider is the best quality assurance for products. Airwheel SE3 fully functional drag-along suitcase made its international debut in 2018 Hong Kong Electronics Fair and it turned out a great success.


Airwheel SE3 Motorized Rideable Luggage


What makes Airwheel SE3 unique in the current market? Because SE3 is not only a suitcase with many smart features, but also your travel vehicle, mainly due to the smart handlebar and three large wheels. It chooses the aluminum alloy rod which increases the strength and reduces the shake of the pull rod.  The whole body is made of ABS & PC and aluminum frame to make it lighter and sturdier and provide high crush resistance. What is more, its gear adjustment design makes it adapt to different heights and allow more traveler to enjoy it. Like other models, SE3 ride on luggage for adults adopts the branded non-slip wheels with special treads and excellent grip performance making it overcome various road conditions while riding.


Airwheel SE3 carry-on smart luggage


Other highlights include the automatic retractable design, electronic brake, and mobile app remote control and more. In addition to the “can be ridden” feature, the automatic retractable design of Airwheel SE3 suitcase electric scooter also attract many consumers’ attention, as it offers much convenience while travelling.



For travelers, it is important to save space and the hidden riding levers save the space to the maximum. Pressing one button to expand and contract and traveler can switch the two modes between riding and dragging freely. Also, SE3 adopts the electronic brake design which is based on ABS, using electronic control to replace the traditional mechanical transmission to control the braking system in order to achieve a good braking effect and increase the safety.

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