Your first ridable carry-on luggage - Airwheel SE3 with smart handlebar and large wheels

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Abstract: Airwheel considers that products require fun, wisdom and efficiency. Based on continuous technology innovation, Airwheel has launched smart suitcases SE3 and SR3 to empower travelers' more comfortable life.  


Airwheel is an electric transportation device the re-defines the concept of travelling for short and long distance. Powered by electricity and small in size, it allows anyone to move free indoor or outdoor without limitation. It can be transported and stored anywhere. In April, 2018, Airwheel rolled out SE3 motorized ridable luggage, a major measure to facilitate your travel.


Airwheel SE3 Motorized Rideable Luggage


Are you always running late at the airport? SE3 was created by Airwheel team to be ridden by travelers in a hurry. It makes sure you catch these flights without a sweat. Although it may look like a standard piece of luggage, SE3 carry-on smart luggage is equipped with a saddle and two large wheels that allow riders to ride it. Its quality non-slip wheels with specially designed treads and excellent grip performance make it possible to overcome various road conditions while riding. And the aluminum alloy rod can become the handlebar when riding. This kind of rod increases the strength and reduces the shake of the pull rod. Of course, the rod is adjustable to adapt to more riders. Also, riders can always rest, sitting directly on the luggage. This motorized suitcase means you will never miss a flight again. You can now feel in control during those tight connections.


Airwheel SE3 carry-on smart luggage


In addition, the automatic retractable design makes SE3 fully functional drag-along suitcase more attractive. By pressing one button, SE3 realizes auto-expanding and free conversion between riding and dragging. The design of hidden riding levers save space to the maximum. The suitcase also has installed a removable lithium battery for convenient charging and there is an USB port for charging mobile devices and a shell made from high strength and light material, making it durable for all conditions.





To keep riders' safety, SE3 has adopted the electronic brake and the anti-lost alarm and TSA custom lock guarantee the safety of the luggage. No more panicking at the airport. You are definitely getting Airwheel SE3 ride on luggage for adults for your next trip!

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