A smart carry-on suitcase Airwheel SE3 smart rideable suitcase that carrys you

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Abstract: Airwheel always devotes itself into the R&D of smart travel equipment, to provide the public an efficient and reliable smart travel solution. Lately, the SE3 becomes the focus, as it is the first carry-on suitcase in Airwheel that can carry user.


Since its foundation, Airwheel is always an advocate of product innovation and safety. This is why Airwheel aspires to be the leader of this market. It is a great joy for Airwheel to compete in the market and win users' recognition for the brand. There was another big move-the release of SE3 motorized ridable luggage.


Airwheel SE3 ride on luggage for adults


The most outstanding feature of Airwheel SE3 is the ridable with smart handlebar and three large wheels that are specially designed featuring special treads and excellent grip performance to make it possible to overcome various road conditions while riding. The handlebar is made of aluminum alloy, lighter and sturdier, as it increases the strength and reduces the shake of the pull rod. Also the pull rod can be adjusted to adapt to different heights. If you miss your next flight, there's no need to worry: SE3 smart rideable suitcase will ensure you arrive in time, as it is a motorized suitcase that lets you zip through the airport at blistering speeds, all while charging your phone and keeping your belongings safe. it looks like much more fun than the average luggage cart and it will save tons of time in the airport.


Airwheel SE3 suitcase electric scooter


Airwheel SE3 also features electronic brake with faster reaction than traditional brake, removable lithium battery making it pollution free and easy to charge, anti-lost alarm and TSA combination lock ensuring the luggage's safety. It is also worth mentioning the automatic retractable design. When users drive the SE3 ridable luggage, they need to pull out the handlebar, and when they have arrived their destinations, they can get off and haul back the bar to save space just one button and drag SE3 by hand.


Airwheel SE3 rideable luggage


To conclude, Airwheel SE3 is not just a luggage, it can be used as a scooter too. This electric suitcase means you will never miss your flight. That makes sure you catch these flights without a sweat.



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