Airwheel SR5 self-driving luggage takes the “lug” out of “luggage

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Abstract: The founders of Airwheel SR5 Self-driving luggage are trying to do something a bit different for a smart suitcase that — in addition to the usual designs — makes it follow user and avoid obstacles automatically.


Airwheel owns an elite professional team and a large number of innovative patents worldwide, which has become a pioneer in this field which has laid a solid foundation for it goes further by making technical breakthroughs to bring more highly cost effective products. In recent years, there have been many "smart luggage" companies started, and the innovations are mostly the same. The founders of Airwheel SR5 smart robot suitcase are trying to do something a bit different. In addition to the usual designs, SR5 can follow user and avoid obstacles automatically.  


Airwheel SR5 auto-following suitcase


Airwheel SR5 is a suitcase that actually follows you around, so you never have to drag a carry-on through the airport again. To activate the so-called robotic suitcase, turn on the power will activate immediately. It will follow you like a well-trained puppy, using visual technology and smart sensors to follow your every move. Meanwhile, it makes sure SR5 auto-following suitcase doesn't run into any fellow traveler or topple down stairs. Worried about losing the SR5 smart autonomous suitcase? The proximity alarm will notify you if the luggage leaves your area and you can track its location with the suitcase's app.


Airwheel SR5 self-following suitcase


It can actually travel 5km per hour, keeping up with you as you jog to make your connecting flight. At 4.5kg and 20 inches, the high-tech luggage won’t wear you out if you do end up pulling it through the terminal. The battery can be fully charged in four hours which Airwheel SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase claims lasts for a distance of 5km on smooth terrain. Also, the built-in USB port compatible with your mobile phone, Pad and other electronics ensures a convenient charge during travel. Available in two colors, the classic black and the elegant silver, choose the one that suits you most. Grab this opportunity to try this hands-free luggage that takes the "lug" out of "luggage".



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