Airwheel H3S Electric Folding Wheelchair features auto-follow and fits in all road conditions

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Abstract: Airwheel is home to various models with different features and anyone can find their travel vehicle. So does the senior citizens. Airwheel H3S folding power chair features auto-follow and easy transport will make their retired life wonderful.


Airwheel has taken every possible step to realize a safer and more comfortable riding experience. Its products stand out with reliable performance, fantastic range, compact size, and light weight and so on. Airwheel H3S power chair is equipped with Bluetooth remote control, smart joystick controller, safety horn and advanced lithium-ion batteries. Practically everyone can lift Airwheel H3S lightweight folding power chair into a car, truck or SUV, because of the automatic folding system and taking advantage of brand-new materials, that the H3S sets a new standard.


Airwheel H3s Smart chair


In addition to it being super light, the H3S has a Bluetooth App you can download onto your phone that will allows you to control all the settings on your H3S, including steering and driving sensitivity and speed, the app gives you real time information on your battery life, mileage and many other key indicators. The App also allows you to control your chair by remote! This is super helpful when you are sitting alone and want to bring your chair closer to you for use. What's more, H3S automatic visual following chair can follow rider if they are not sitting on it through the virtual tracking the sensor technology.


Airwheel H3S Mobility Scooters


Available options are a high-capacity storage bag for riders to put daily necessities and a high-end mini table for riders to have a meal, read book. Armrest can be raised for easy side seat access. The adjustable controller can be right or left mounted. How about the traffic ability of Airwheel H3S folding electric wheelchair? It is equipped with standard slope compensation, which senses an incline and increases the power from batteries to keep a smooth, consistent pace. The DC brush motor also features two high-torque motors with more power as well as the onmi front with muti-terrain tires. From the ground up, H3S is well-built and powerful.



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