Airwheel H3S power chair: each and every feature designed has the customer's comfort and safety in mind.

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Abstract: Whether steering around your house, riding in urban environments or enjoying nature, the Airwheel H3S folding power chair safely navigates indoors as well as outdoors with its powerful motor, long range, and a fun, responsive controller.


Thanks to the continuous development of technology, the transportation revolution brings more and more convenient vehicles and more importantly, it will benefit a growing number of users. The companies devoting to producing green, smart and convenient electric vehicles could be regarded as innovators. Known to all, Airwheel is a brand specializing in electric scooters featuring compact size, environment protection and modern design, mainly for the young. While, lately, Airwheel has released H3S motorized chair to make the old have no mobility problem. More importantly, each and every feature designed has the customer's comfort and safety in mind.


Airwheel H3S Motorized chair


The 8 inch front omni-wheels, interchangeable joystick controller with responsive reaction, adjustable and anti-skid pedals and thickened soft cushion provide vastly improved stability and traction over antiquated, tipsy scooters or wheelchairs with fluttering casters. And with the H3S folding electric wheelchair's compact, modern design, users feel extremely comfortable spending more time at social events with family and friends. H3S can fold or unfold automatically. That is, riders just need to press the fold/unfold button on the joystick controller which is very convenient for riders to store it.


Airwheel H3S Mobility Vehicles


The H3S's secure iPhone/Android app provides control over all driver settings including speed and responsiveness. It's also extremely useful for caregivers as they can drive the H3S instead of the user. What is more, riders can control H3S lightweight folding power chair remotely via the app with three different ways-single hand, two hands and gravity sensing.


Airwheel H3S health care products


By adding the visual tracking and sensor technology to H3S, it has realized auto-follow. So in addition to the dual ride modes including the electric mode and manual mode, H3S Electric Wheelchair can follow rider automatically which totally liberate riders' hands and strength. To conclude, whether driving around the house, shopping, or socializing, riders are able to enjoy their own time with the Airwheel H3S automatic visual following wheelchair.




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