Airwheel SR5 smart suitcase becomes a cult favorite among frequent travelers

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Abstract: Trust me, you will love the stylish look of Airwheel SR5 smart robot suitcase and its cool urban vibe. Of course, it's so much more than its design. The next time you travel, instead of lugging around your heavy suitcase, let your luggage follow you around.


Regarded as a leading high tech brand, Airwheel has built its premium reputation in this industry and among its customers. Innovation has always been the long-lasting core spirit of the Airwheel. To meet the changeable requirements of riders, Airwheel continues to research and develop new products. Now, SR5 intelligent self-driving suitcase is becoming a cult favorite among frequent travelers. It is one of the most innovative and exciting advancements to hit the travel industry since rolling suitcases were first introduced.


Airwheel SR5 hands-free suitcase


SR5 is known for the quality and durability, which if you are a frequent traveler, we're sure you'll appreciate. Made of ABS + PC with the advantages of PC's excellent heat and impact resistance and ABS's anti-wear and anti-scratch, SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase allows you to take it on pretty much any adventure. But what really make it special is the auto-follow, intelligent obstacle avoidance and lost alerts. With the core technology of visual tracking and sensor technology, SR5 is able to follow user and travel autonomously without bumping into people or objects.


Airwheel SR5 smart autonomous suitcase


At only 4.5kg, it's probably one of the lightest carry-on suitcases you'll find on the market that also packs a lot of smart features such as position track and anti-lost alarm that prevents theft and an exterior USB port. The built-in 48.8Wh battery can charge your phone many times. Its omni-wheels ensure a smooth travel and the high-quality materials make it produce no noise pollution. Also, Airwheel SR5 smart autonomous suitcase is wear-resisting making it able to handle different road conditions. Its TAT-approved custom lock prevents damage to the suitcase when there are customs checks.



Airwheel SR5 hands-free suitcase can travel up to 5km on a single charge, with the speed from 2km to 5km an hour. Next time, you can enjoy a brand new travel experience.

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